Who We Are

We are a SEBI registered (INA000007881) Investment Adviser firm. We passionately believe that the people of our country must know about the importance of financial literacy and financial freedom and we will do everything possible to realize this vision.

We at Smart Sync Investment Advisory Services (SSIAS) are guided by the words of wisdom from the father of Investment Management, Benjamin Graham —

An investment operation is one which, upon thorough analysis, promises safety of principal and a satisfactory return.


We are aware of the prospects of exponential returns in the stock market, but we firmly believe that Return of Capital is more important than Return on Capital. Thus, while we look for avenues providing adequate return, we don’t compromise on the protection of our clients’ capital.

What We Do

SSIAS is primarily into investment advisory services, but under this umbrella we basically offer three types of services.

Advisory Services

We at SSIAS are committed to provide professional service to our client in the area of managing savings, investments and planning retirement. Under this branch of service we will have two sub-branches as follows:

a. Pure-Play Advisory
Under this, our scope is limited to only offer our financial guidance to our clients. The products that are recommended to a client should be those that are suitable given the client’s goals and risk profile and ability to understand the risk and performance of the investment. The reasons for such selection is explained to the client and documented. The key features of the investment product is clearly laid out and explained.

b. Fund Management in Client’s Account
Clients who are willing to give us the authority to execute purchase and sale decisions in their trading account, we manage their funds in return of fees.There is two types of fees charged, one is fixed-fund management fee and the other is a performance fee based on how we perform in terms of returns generated. We enter into an agreement with the client, where all the necessary rules and points are clearly laid out for better understanding of both the parties.

Financial Workshop

Financial workshops are held at different premises as and when required. Generally it is carried out in a B school, or a corporate house or in the office of any co-operative body where people are interested to get the basic knowledge about investing, power of compounding and financial freedom.

These workshop works well in spreading the awareness of financial markets and inculcating a habit in people with respect to savings and investments. They are taught about simple concepts like power of compounding and how it can do wonders in one’s investment career.

It not only helps us to spread awareness of finance, but also gives us an opportunity to establish our brand in the minds of people. Many times, people who attend the workshops become our future clients.

Extensive Repository of Finance and Related Material

We intend to make all the relevant materials available on our website, free of cost. We would also write on matters involving finance and stock market investing. Any student of investment could derive a good value out of those blog posts.