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VIP Industries

VIP Industries Ltd is an Indian luggage maker which is the world’s second largest and Asia’s largest luggage maker. The company has more than 8,000 retail outlets across India and a network of retailers in 50 countries. VIP’s products are imported in numerous other countries. It acquired United Kingdom luggage brand Carlton in 2004. It also owns the Aristocrat and Skybags brands which are very popular in India.

We’ve also compiled a detailed stock analysis report on VIP industries. You can download it from here.

Given VIP’s strong brand power and their wide range of well-known products, it would be interesting to see how they fare against their competitors when introducing price hikes.

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Vaibhav Global

Vaibhav Global is a company dealing in fashion jewellery and lifestyle products. They mainly source and assemble their products in India and South East Asia and sell these products in the US and UK primarily. They sell both to businesses and retail customers whom they reach through TV sales channels and shows through they reach more than 100 million TV homes in the US and UK.

Vaibhav Global have established themselves as an influential player in the jewellery exporting and telecommerce business. They have consistently delivered good revenue growth in recent years and continue to grow their business through newer selling mechanisms like through their website and app.

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Quess Corp Ltd

Headquartered in Bengaluru, the company has a pan-India presence with 65 offices along with overseas footprint in 10 countries spread across North America, South America, Middle East and South East Asia. It is a leading business solutions provider serving over 1900+ customers across 5 segments namely Industrials, Facility Management, People Services, Technology Solutions and Internet Business.

Fairfax Financial Holdings Group’s investment into the company and a record successful IPO on the stock exchange has put Quess in the news for long.

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Galaxy Surfactants

Galaxy Surfactants is engaged in manufacturing of surfactants and other speciality ingredients for the personal care and home care industries. The Company produces a range of vital cosmetic ingredients, including active ingredients, ultra violet (UV) protection and functional products. Galaxy Surfactants is a global leader supplying a wide range of innovative products to over 1000 customers in 103 countries.

Looking at the slack in capacity utilization right now, it seems that Galaxy is well equipped to address any rise in demand for their products. Due to the addition of 26 new clients in 12 new countries, the company expects to provide good performance for years to come.

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